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New Article "nice things." September Issue

I featured Homemade OrganicMilk Recipes in the September issue of nice things. magazine.




Herbs have a long history as a natural remedy. I like to use natural herbs to make homemade skincare products:)



人生をそのままに楽しむ SONOMAMA-CREATIONS(ソノママクリエイションズ)から、2015 年に、Driftless Mama / ドリフトレスママという新しいブランドが誕生しました。 ドリフトレスママは、ドリフトレスエリアと呼ばれるアメリカ中西部に住む、農家、学生、ハーバリストと、多方面で活躍中のアレックスと私の 2 人でスタートさせたもので、ローカルでオーガニックな天然ハーブ / 野生植物と、100%ローカルオーガニックコールドプレスオイルを使った、天然由来のエッセンシャルインフューズドオイルの製造、ボディクレンズプロダクトの開発を行っています。



ぜひ詳細レシピはnice things.9月号をご覧ください。





Farmer's Market in May

driftless mamas (Alex & Mihoko) at the farmer's market!

今週も、driftless mamas (アレックス&ミホコ)、ファーマーズマーケットへ行ってきました。

 This week we have been making our products...first we have to pick natural herbs...

End of May we have bunch of wild spearmint. When we walk in the wild spearmint natural mint aroma is in the air! I wanted to lay down on the mint carpet...


この時期は、元気なワイルドスペアミントが主役。ここ最近は、ワイルドスペアミントを使った季節限定プロダクト作りを行っています。 is rhubarb season too.


Limited Rhubarb, Strawberry and Ginger Honey Jam


So of course we made fresh Rhubarb Jam with fresh Strawberries, ginger and honey.


Limited Fresh Rhubarb & Ginger Body Sugar Scrub



Limited Lavender & Wild Mint Body Sugar Scrub



Limited Fresh Mint Bug Spray / Rhubarb & Almond Room Spray

季節限定、フレッシュミントの虫除けスプレー / ルバーブ&アーモンドのルームスプレー

When we go pick herbs we use this bug spray. It's good for keeping bugs and ticks away. Of course all-natural.



Limited Honey Whiskey Whisker Wax with Vitamin E oil & Spear Mint Oil 


Are you wondering what these are???

Almost farther's day, right? So we made mustache wax for daddy.








You can do this or...



Trim your beard like this↑. Vitamin E oil helps beard irritation, acne or ingrown hairs.

You can use this on your lips or skin too.





Today was a windy and chilly day...but we could meet lots of wonderful people.



When their mommy was shopping these guys were chilling and snacking in the trunk.

So cute.





Thank you so much for coming to the Farmer's Market! 





*Sorry, we are only selling products at the farmer's market at the moment. 

But, we are working on getting them online. 






New Products!

We have been making Organic Local products..And last Saturday We finally started to sell our products at a farmer's market. We sold Lavender, Lilac, Wild Mint,Walnuts body Cleanse products.

We like to use local, seasonal natural herbs. Luckly we have a lot of Beautiful Lilac trees around here.

 Picking Lilac flowers and Wild Mint....Can you smell?? Smells great !!!!

driftless mama's limited products...

Lavender & Wild Mint Bath Bombs, Lavender and Lime Sugar Scrub, Lilac & Wild Mint Sugar Scrub / All-nutural / we are selling there only farmer's market so far...

Homemade sugar scrub is the most natural way to soften, exfoliate and to freshen up the skin. Sugar is a natural sweetener that can also be used as a natural beauty regimen. Its fine texture gently exfoliates the skin without leaving harmful residue that can clog the pores. It has moisturizing properties that prevents the skin from drying. It is safe to use even on children’s sensitive skin and to soothe chapped lips.

Homemade sugar scrub can help reverse early signs of aging. Exposure from pollution, dirt, stress and sun’s ultra violet rays damage the skin cells. This leads to skin dullness and develops early signs of aging like fine lines and uneven skin tone. Homemade sugar scrub creates a gentle abrasion to even out the skin tone. It removes accumulated dead and damaged skin cells caused by sun exposure and pollution. The gentle massaging application of homemade sugar scrub on the skin enhances blood circulation. This increases collagen production and skin cell regeneration to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging.(see more)

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are softer  than salt scrubs because the granule is round and therefore doesn’t have any ability to “cut” the skin. It’s a far better choice for sensitive skin types and the only choice for the face. Sugar granules dissolve more easily in warm water, and they are less abrasive than salt scrubs. While sugar scrubs don’t have the mineral benefits of salt scrubs, they are less drying...

Salt Scrubs

Salt scrubs are generally more abrasive because of their sharper edges and, therefore, do a better job at smoothing the rough skin of the body. What really separates salt scrubs from sugar scrubs is that they offer therapeutic, mineralization benefits. Most salt scrubs use sea salts, which are natural purifiers that remove the toxins that block the pores of the skin. It helps the skin breath easier, promotes better circulation, tightens the skin and improves skin texture.  Himalayan, Mediterranean, Hawaiian and Dead Sea Salts from Israel... These various salts have different trace minerals, which include calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. The minerals help to promote circulation, reduce the inflammatory response, and act as a detoxifying agent and general muscle relaxant.


Lavender & Epsom bath Salt / Good night's sleep / all-natural

Epsom salts have been used by many different cultures for hundreds of years. They have a number of different beneficial properties and are used in gardening, household cleaning and detoxifying the body. These salts are very inexpensive and can be purchased at bulk discounts in garden centers nearly everywhere. Using Epsom salt baths is an advanced detoxification strategy that has remarkable health benefits.


Magnesium and sulfate are both readily absorbed through the skin and into the body's blood stream. The skin is a highly porous membrane that both takes in minerals and eliminates toxins every day. Using a powerful mineral base such as Epsom salts in a bathwater medium creates a process called reverse osmosis. This process pulls salt and harmful toxins out of the body and allows the magnesium and sulfates to enter into the body.

Magnesium plays a critical role in over 325 enzymes, helps to improve muscle and nerve function, reduces inflammation and improves blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body. Sulfates are necessary building blocks for healthy joints, skin and nervous tissue. Epsom salts replenish the body's magnesium levels and sulfates. This combination helps to flush toxins from the body and helps build key protein molecules in the brain tissue and joints. ( see more )


Homemade Lavender Cookies
We had the cutest little helper Odie!

By the way...this is one of my favorites...Lilac Juice too! (Lilac flowers, Lime, Ginger, carbonated water and syrup.)  Refresh! 

Thank you so much for coming over and see you next Saturday!